Certified Veteran Caregiver Specialist (CVCS).

Certified Veteran Caregiver Specialist-Trainer (CVCS-T)

Training Classes & Webinars

Valor will host multiple trainings online, in person nationwide, and numerous educational webinars for the healthcare continuum of care.


Certified trainers will have the ability to train on the full spectrum of training and certification programs Valor has to offer

Benefits Of Veteran-Centered Training

Expertise in Veteran-Specific Care: Our unique Certification equips you with specialized knowledge and skills to care for veterans, understanding their individual needs and challenges, which include their physical and mental health requirements.

Enhanced Communication: Certification includes training in effective communication with veterans, helping build trust and rapport, which is crucial in healthcare.

Specialized Knowledge: You gain a deeper understanding of issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), military culture, and the unique healthcare challenges veterans face.

Professional Recognition: Certification in veteran care can enhance your professional reputation and recognition in the healthcare community.


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