Certified Veteran Caregiver Specialist (CVCS)

Certified Veteran Caregiver Specialist (CVCS) provided by
a Certified Veteran Caregiver Specialist Trainer (CVCS-T)
This certification is offered to those working in the healthcare continuum.
Six-hour training excluding breaks and lunch. Cost is separate from the Certified Veteran Caregiver Specialist (CVCS) application.
Topics include but are not limited to Military Branches, Military Conflicts and Wars, Military Cultural and Communication, Veteran Trauma, Illnesses and Exposures, LGBTQIA+, and Activities and Recreational programming.
Resource guide provided.
Attendees must apply to become a Certified Veteran Caregiver Specialist after completing the 6-hour training within 60 days of the training.
Application for Certified Veteran Caregiver Specialist (CVCS)

This certification is valid only in the United States of America.

This application must be submitted within sixty days of completing the required training by an approved Certified Veteran Caregiver Specialist Trainer (CVCS-T). An application must be filled out, and all the necessary documentation must be submitted.
  • Please include a payment of $175.00 for the Individual application.
  • Payments accepted: check, money order, or credit card.
  • Veterans, please call for military discount information.
  • For special group rates (more than five people) being certified by an agency or company. The cost is $75.00 per person. Please call 908-922-3535 for a unique code for a discount.
Requirements: Must be submitted with the application.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • If you have a GED or High School diploma, you must include a letter from your supervisor, including work responsibilities and experience with Veterans. If you have a College Degree or Certification/License, please include a copy of the degree/certification or professional listing on your state registry that you are in good standing.
  • Must include a copy of the Training Certificate by an approved Certified Veteran Caregiver Specialist Trainer (CVCS-T).
  • Veteran, please include your Military DD-214.
  • Please send a check/money order or complete the credit card information if sending an application by mail or fax